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AMS 5/16" Safety Slide 2 pack

AMS 5/16" Safety Slide 2 pack

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  • The AMS safety slide allows near perfect arrow launches and flight while keeping the string forward of the bow. 
  • Designed to eliminate arrow snap back.
  • Includes safety slides, shock pads, bushings, screws, and replacement nocks.
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The AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® is a proven performer time and time again with thousands of fish taken, including many big game fish over 300#. Simply nock your arrow with the arrow slide in front, tighten the line to the reel and shoot. As you draw back, the Safety Slide® will stay stationary in front of the rest. Upon release, the slide moves back to the tail of the arrow and stops at the shock pad, giving you perfect arrow flight. Always use an arrow slide, never tie your line directly to the tail of your arrow. Lines tied in such a way can tangle unexpectedly with the bowstring and cause the arrow to “snap back” after the shot. AMS EverGlide® Safety Slides® prevent “snap back” by keeping your bowfishing line separated from your bowstring at all times. Be safe, use AMS EverGlide® Safety Slides®. Made in America. Cautionary Note for Spin Cast Users! Proper use of AMS EverGlide® Safety Slides® with spin cast reels will prevent arrow snap back caused by the line tying itself to the bowstring. However, it’s use may cause you to forget to release the bail on your spin cast reel which can cause another change of arrow “snap back”. Don’t forget to release the bail on your spin cast reel before every shot! (AMS Retrievers® have no bail or button to push before the shot, just draw, aim and shoot!)

Warning California Prop 65: Cancer and Reproduction Harm


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