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Posted by Dan Carlson on Jul 21st 2021

Nexgen Outfitters' Outdoor News

Students expelled for BB guns seen in Zoom class win big in court
Two Louisiana elementary school students were suspended last year because BB guns were visible in the background during Zoom class sessions. The school contended the presence of the BB guns violated its rules against weapons in a classroom setting. The parents of the students sued, and are now richer for it. Read more HERE.

Cruz and 24 Senate Republicans file amicus brief defending Second Amendment right to carry
Sen. Ted Cruz and two dozen Senate Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, filed an amicus brief Tuesday in a Second Amendment case the Supreme Court is set to hear this fall, arguing that New York gun law violates the right to bear arms under the Constitution. Find out more HERE.

Nebraska hosting an archery hike on July 31 in Lincoln
Get outside for some family-friendly outdoor quality time! Register groups of 3 to 50 (split into pods of five) to experience a guided hike through our archery field course. Participants will get to explore the one-mile trail and make 10 stops at archery stations to take aim at fun targets. No archery experience needed - beginners welcome! Learn more HERE.

Nebraska: Lake McConaughy white-bass die-off still inconclusive
Fisheries biologists from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission are investigating a die-off, in which approximately 1,000 dead fish were discovered on the west half of the reservoir. Adult white bass comprised 99% of those fish. Read more HERE.

Idaho sage-grouse hunters will have to buy tags for the 2021 season
Sage grouse hunters will have to buy tags designated for 12 zones for the 2021 season, and a total of 1,960 tags will be available on a first-come, first served basis starting August 1. Find out more HERE.

How to spot and stalk big game
In many states, small hunting areas, terrain and other conditions make “spot and stalk” hunting impossible. But there’s a special thrill when you can spot an animal in the distance and stalk it until you’re close enough for the shot. If you’ve never tried this kind of hunting, learn how to do it HERE.

Get control of drift-adjustable pistol sights
Not all pistols that come from the factory hit where you aim. Learn how to zero your drift-adjustable sights at the shooting bench HERE.

Ed Brown’s magazine exchange program is back
Got any old, beat up or broken 1911 magazines lying around? This is your chance to upgrade to top-rated Ed Brown magazines. Discover more HERE.

What to do if you find a bat in your house
After the screaming tapers off, there is a safe way to remove a bat in the home. Read about it HERE.