Two of our favorite seasons aligned this past week…turkey and morel mushrooms! 

We were lucky enough that one of our Nexgen kids put a bird down early in the week and at that point we felt obligated to spend some time hunting mushrooms.

Each Wednesday we cook wild game and try to outdo the previous week.  Our goal this time was pizza.  Because turkey and morels work well together, we got the Traeger out to really bring this all together. 

We ended up with multiple kinds of pizza – everything from deep dish with some kick to it all the way back to a solid turkey and cheese thin crust.

Ultimately our goal is simple – get fatter and help anyone interested with some easy yet really effective ways to cook wild game!  We’ve spent years working at this and we always have a crowd around that can hardly believe us when we start  passing out the plates.

If you have questions, comments, or just want to share some tips or tricks – let us know!  We’re pretty passionate about eating.

What’d we use:

    • • Pellet Grill
    • • Pizza stone
    • • Morel Mushrooms
    • • Turkey Breasts
    • • Veggies
    • • Cast Iron – Fry em
    • • Homemade crust
    • • Critter Rub – Used on everything!
    • • Cheese
    • • Can of pizza sauce
    • • We “wing” everything – check out the video 

We are always looking for wild game cuts that you’re convinced are not worth the time and effort! Let us know what it is and we will whip something up that you will be sure to enjoy! From less desired cuts or just looking for some new ideas on how to utilize your hard earned wild game reach out!