Alien Gear Holsters Shape Shift Kit LC9

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  • Fits the Ruger LC9
  • Injection molded to fit your Glock 19.
  • This holster is a promise for comfortable, quality, secure concealed carry.
If you ever wished you could get more from a Ruger LC9 holster, Alien Gear's ShapeShift holster system will give you more function than you can get from any other holster design. This isn't a holster - it's an entire carry system, designed to allow you to carry your Ruger LC9 exactly how you wish to, even if you prefer to carry in multiple ways. In fact, that's exactly what it's designed for. The ShapeShift was painstakingly designed over two years to deliver more function than could be expected from any holster system. The core of the ShapeShift is the shell, which has evolved past the standard retention shell. Instead, we have devised a whole wrap-around shell, custom-molded to fit your Ruger LC9. The ShapeShift LC9 holster can be used with the two half-shells, and worn with with paddle attachment, or mounted to one of the two backers included in your Core Carry Pack along with the included half shell. The shell system uses a toolless locking rail, which fits together and locks without needing any hex keys or other tools to assemble or disassemble.
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