Nexgen Outfitters offers Big Selection of Trail Cameras at Great Prices

Trail Cameras are one of the best hunting tools to help figure out where the whitetail buck deer are on your hunting property, or maybe more importantly where they are NOT.  Nexgen Outfitters offers a full line of game cameras for sale with the features to capture the best deer scouting information at a price that fits your budget.  Whether setting a deer scouting camera over a food source or placing a trail cam along the whitetail travel path, find the quality camera you need here.  Shop options from the top digital scouting brands like: Spypoint, Stealth Cam, Browning, Bushnell and more.  Check out our buyers guide complete with staff picks.


Cellular game cams are becoming more affordable with the long battery life needed to take tons of deer scouting picutres and transmit them over the 4G LTE network right to your smart phone.


Standard trail cameras provide the best no-glow flash to capture crystal clear images in the dark when mature whitetail bucks are most active.  Hi-Tech powerful infrared LED bulbs emit light that's invisible to humans and animals but still take detailed black & white nighttime pictures.


Be sure to pick up the accessories like a trail camera lock box to keep your investment secure, a scouting cam with solar charging capability and plenty of high grade SD memory cards to store so much valuable information about your deer herd.