Shop the best reloading supplies to clean brass cartridges and prepare brass ammunition cases for safe and accurate reloading.  De-prime and prepare the primer pocket with a great assortment of specialized primer tools.  Whether you choose a dry tumbler or ultrasonic cleaning, find the cleaning equipment, tumbler media and case lubrication necessary to get that brass looking like factory new.  Apply the final touches for precision reloading applications with the best case sizing dies, brass trimming tools, and remove rough edges with top-notch chamfer or deburring gadgets.


Hornady produces a great assortment of powered and hand tools for efficient and accurate case care and preparation.


With precision right in the name, you can be sure that Lee Precision offers the finest case conditioning tools made entirely in the USA.


The original reloading swage die was made by the founder of RCBS, and while those dies are no longer produced, RCBS continues to manufacture the best value in brass cleaning and reloading preparation.


Shot these popular categories of rifle and pistol cartridge prep tools:

Primer Pocket Tools

Case Trimming and Prep

Brass Tumblers

Tumbler Media & Polish

Ultrasonic Case Cleaning