Axcel Achieve XP Compound Sight Black 9 in. RH

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Axcel Achieve XP CoMpound Sight Black 9 in. RH The Achieve CoMpound Carbon is an AXCEL tournaMent sight with added features, designed specifically for coMpound bows. The Achieve coMpound version contains a superior Windage Dovetail Guide SysteM, replacing inferior twin-dowel guide systeMs. The CBL includes the "VTSL" (Variable Tension SysteM with Lock) a new adjustMent systeM where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting with an added lock feature Most coMMonly used in single distance tournaMents). The Carbon extension bars are available in 6 and 9 versions. The Achieve coMpound versions provide 2.875 of elevation adjustMent, and are aMong the lightest Most durable all aluMinuM/carbon target sights on the Market.
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