B3 Exact 3D Q2 Mathews Bar LH Sight

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The B3 Exact 3D Q2 Mathews Bar Sight sets the standard for precision in archery equipment. Constructed with machined parts for superior durability, it includes three-axis adjustments to dial in for any scenario. The 6" 7 series aluminum bar is the backbone of its structure, providing a fast-pitch elevation rod for quick setting changes. Dual adjustable indicators and a spring-loaded detent system maintain your settings shot after shot. A new feature is the infinitely adjustable sight scale, paired with laser-engraved metal scales for pinpoint accuracy. The sight also offers a dovetail, Bridge-Lok, and Pic rail for various mounting options, making it one of the most adaptable and precise micro-adjust windage unit sights on the market.

  • NEW – Quick Disconnect System
  • NEW – Built in 3rd Axis Adjsutment
  • NEW – 7 Series Aluminum Extension Bar
  • NEW – Multiple Locations for Sight Scale
  • NEW – Laser Engraved Elevation Adjustment Knob
  • NEW – Quad Tension Adjustment for Vertical Travel
  • NEW – Mathews Archery Bridgelock™ Sight Bar Option
  • NEW – Multiple Macro-Elevation Adjustment Locations (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • INCLUDES – 15 Paper Sight Scales
  • INCLUDES – Exact Sights New Hard Case
  • INCLUDES – Laser Engraved Sight Scales 1-11
  • INCLUDES – 2 Standard Indicators
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