Barnes Bullets Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) .22 Cal 55 gr Polymer Tip Boat-Tail Bullets -100cnt

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Barnes' ttsx (tipped triple shock x) features the same 100-percent copper body with multiple rings cut into the shank as the tsx, and delivers the same accuracy and dead-right-there performance, but with an added polymer tip that boosts bc and improves long-range ballistics.The tip and a re-engineered nose cavity provide even faster expansion.Complete penetration, virtually 100-percent weight retention, and four razor-sharp double-diameter cutting petals mean the ttsx creates more internal damage than any competing bullet.Instant expansion and perfect penetration ensure cleaner, quicker kills.

Coefficient: .272
Bullet Type: TTSX Boat Tail
Bullet Diameter: .224
Weight: 55 gr
Bullet Caliber: 22 Caliber
Jacket Material: Copper Solid
Bullet Tip Material: Polymer
Core Material: Copper Solid
Cannelure: Yes
Sectional Density: .157
Quantity: 50
Recommended Usage: Hunting
Model Number:
Gauge or Caliber:
.22 Cal
Bullet Type:
Polymer Tip Boat-Tail
Bullet Weight:
55 gr
Bullet Diameter:
Ballistic Coefficient:
0.272 (G1)
Lead Free:
Sectional Density: