Barronett Pentagon Ground Blind

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  • 70% bigger than comparable 4-sided blinds
  • zipperless windows for noise-free adjustments
  • Large panoramic windows allow for increased viewing area
With an oversized footprint of 41.5 ft2, the Pentagonis 70% bigger in size than comparable 4-sided blinds, making it the perfect choice for group hunts. Featuring zipperless windows for noise-free adjustment and low profile windows for more shooting options. The window mesh is shoot-through and can easily be replaced when needed. The Pentagonis built with fiberglass poles and lightweight die-cast aluminum hubs making it extremely durable. Five sided shape of the Pentagon allows for a larger footprint and a more comfortable group hunt experience. Panoramic windows allow for an increased viewing area. Built with a more durable framework with thicker poles and strong hubs. Height: 72, Weight: 20 lbs., Footprint: 41.5 sq. ft.
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