Celebrate 100 Years of Fun at Chadron State Park

Posted by Dan Carlson on Feb 4th 2021

Celebrate 100 Years of Fun at Chadron State Park

Big upgrades underway at Nebraska’s Chadron State Park
Chadron State Park, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, has been the subject of sizable upgrades and new construction at points throughout its 977 acres. See what’s new HERE.

Nebraska state parks offering Valentine’s deals
Guests can enjoy special lodging and gift packages this Valentine’s Day at four Nebraska state parks. Get the details HERE.

Start planning fishing trips in Nebraska with 2021 Fishing Forecast
The publication contains fish sampling data, along with a forecast of where anglers may find large quantities and large sizes of certain fish in various waters across the state. Read it HERE.

Want to gather shed antlers in Utah? You must take an ethics course first
Before you head outdoors in Utah to collect shed antlers, remember that you must complete the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ Antler Gathering Ethics Course. Learn more HERE.

Post-season scouting for deer
You may be wondering what benefits there are to scouting for deer now in preparation for hunts more than 8 months away. Learn why it may be a good idea HERE.

NY hunter harvests highest scoring buck ever in New York State
New York resident has officially been recognized as having shot the largest non-typical buck in the state’s history. Even better, the organization that recognized the record also oversees multiple states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the six New England states. See the deer HERE.

Virginia bill would require background check to RENT a firearm
Many shooting ranges allow customers to rent a gun to use on site. It’s a great way for potential buyers to “try before you buy” and also to introduce first-time shooters to firearms in a controlled environment. A bill is advancing in the Virginia legislature that would require anyone wanting to rent a gun to pass a background check before they do. Find out more HERE.

What makes a good hunting knife?
The answer is admittedly subjective, but there are some features and characteristics common to quality hunting knives. See what they are HERE.

When will the ammo shortage end?
Ammunition started getting scarce in 2020 and most popular calibers are still hard to find on store shelves. When will this shortage end? Leaders from major manufacturing companies weigh in HERE.

Does ammunition have a shelf life?
People are buying up ammo left and right these days with many planning to store it for some time. You won’t find expiration dates on ammo boxes but there are some things you can do to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Learn about them HERE.

Body armor sales skyrocket
Body armor is traditionally associated with law-enforcement and military personnel, but the pandemic and civil unrest have spiked sales among law-abiding citizens. Find out more HERE.