Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Dan Carlson on Jun 1st 2020

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fathers’ Day is fast approaching and those wanting to show dad a little extra love on his special day will be looking for gift ideas. Never fear, Nexgen Outfitters is here! And because most of us guys working here are dads, we’re happy to help.

Beginning with some less-expensive options, consider the Viper handheld crossbow from PSE, on sale now at Nexgen Outfitters for $39.99.This isn’t some cheap toy. It has a 50-lb. draw weight and shoots bolts at 215 fps! The rear sight is adjustable for elevation, and it has an anti-dry fire mechanism for safety. Three Frenzy bolts are included.

Viper handheld crossbow

Make dad’s day by offering to go target shooting with him and giving him some Sonic Boom exploding targets. He’ll get a bang out of shooting these safe, binary targets that blow up when hit by a high-speed bullet. Nexgen Outfitters has a Fathers’ Day special offering ten ½-lb. Sonic Boom targets for just $39.99, a real deal when compared to other binary exploding targets. Or, for just pennies a pop, try Thunder Caps . Take an old water bottle, screw on a Thunder Cap, and blast it with a .22 or pellet rifle. The noise and display are impressive. Of course you may want to update your ear protection , and Nexgen Outfitters has a large selection of products on display that do just that.

Sonic Boom exploding targets

So dad likes to golf but is frustrated by those long-shot fairways. Help him out with an AR-15 golf ball launcher! That’s right, leave the nine-iron in the bag and unsling the AR to get that long game on target. This nifty device screws onto any AR-15 barrel with a ½ x 28 thread and uses BLANK .223/5.56 rounds to get that ball downrange. Screw it on, drop a Titleist into it, line up the flag and put that puppy on any green up to 400 yards away with one shot. At just $39.99 it’s a hoot to shoot.

AR-15 golf ball launcher

On the subject of AR-15s, you can never have too much ammunition for one. That’s why Nexgen Outfitters has put its entire stock of high-quality Norma .223 Remington ammo on sale for Fathers’ Day. The price of a box of 20 rounds has been reduced 20% to $9.99, and a case of 500 rounds is marked down to $239.99. These are the superb Norma tactical cartridges loaded with 55-grain full-metal-jacket bullets.

 Norma .223 Remington ammo

If your dad likes guns, Nexgen Outfitters has one he’ll love. The Kel-Tec Sub 2000 has been a best-seller in recent weeks. It’s a compact, high-capacity 9 mm folding carbine he can easily stow in a vehicle or keep handy for home defense. Nexgen Outfitters is offering this firearm in a special package deal this month that includes the firearm, a 9-round magazine, a 30-round magazine, a 50-round drum magazine, 200 rounds of Winchester FMJ 9 mm ammunition, a detachable laser sight/flashlight combo and a Nexgen Outfitters cap. All this for $799.99.

 Kel-Tec Sub 2000

If dad is looking for a small-game rifle or target/match .22, consider the Ruger 10/22 special on now at Nexgen Outfitters. You not only receive a Ruger 10/22, arguably the most popular .22 semiautomatic rifle in America, but also get a pair of mated 25-round magazines and a Riton scope outfitted with a .22-caliber ballistic-drop reticle that will have dad nailing targets at ranges never before thought possible. Nexgen Outfitters has taken $100 the regular price and is selling this package for $399.99, an outstanding value.

Riton Optics is a veteran-owned U.S. company making super-strong rifle scopes that have lifetime guarantees. Nexgen Outfitters has two models in stock that are being cleared out at prices you won’t believe. The Riton RT-S Mod 7 4-20x50mm Hunting Rifle Scope , regularly $799.99 is being sold for only $319.99! And the Riton RT-S Mod 5 4-16x50mm Wide FOV Hunting Rifle Scope , regularly $659.99, is being sold for just $394.99 while supplies last.

 Riton RT-S Mod 7 4-20x50mm Hunting Rifle Scope

Maybe your dad would like an unforgettable, one-of-kind knife made by a local craftsman. Nexgen Outfitters has several knives on display and for sale made by Terry Landenberger of Lodgepole, Nebraska. Terry has been making high-quality knives for more than a decade, and Nexgen Outfitters has several on display priced from $300 to $900 with sheaths.

Terry Knives

If camping is more dad’s thing, we’ve got you covered with an outstanding Browning Camp Gear tent . It’s a two-room cabin tent measuring 10 x 15 feet at the base. That’s 150 square feet of space – ideal for families or as a base for your hunting party. This huge tent was $329.99 and is now just $199.99. There’s a Browning folding camp chair on sale for $49.99. And the Browning Director’s Camp Chair is marked down from $89.99 to $59.99.

Browning Camp Gear tent

And finally, Nexgen Outfitters’ biggest deal yet. With tensions high and sense of security low, it’s a good idea to own a fireproof safe. And the biggest regret first-time safe buyers often have is not getting the next largest size. That’s because once the safe is in place in your home, you discover all the things you’ll want to put in it besides firearms. Jewelry, wedding and family photo albums, family videos, special legal documents such as a will, birth certificate, vehicle titles and more are often among the items that go into a family safe. For a limited time, Nexgen Outfitters is offering the SureLock Security Colonel 41-gun safe at a special price. Regularly $2,499, it’s now marked down to $1,999.99. This safe is rated to withstand temperatures up to 1,400° F for up to 75 minutes, making it ideal for storing valuables.

 SureLock Security Colonel 41-gun safe

We hope our list has got you thinking about a gift for dad on Fathers’ Day but even if you didn’t see anything from his wish list in this article, please stop by Nexgen Outfitters. This list doesn’t even scratch the surface about all the great gear on sale now. Prices listed are valid June 3-21, 2020 while supplies last. We’re located just north of the 21 st Century building on the east side of Hwy 385 J-link on the east end of Sidney, Nebraska. Nexgen Outfitters is open 10 am til 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 – 2 on Saturdays.