Gear Up for Adventure: Hunting, Wildlife, and More

Posted by Dan Carlson on Nov 18th 2020

Gear Up for Adventure: Hunting, Wildlife, and More

NSSF releases most recent firearm production and import/export figures
Some fascinating statistics about firearms and the firearms industry in the U.S. Among the findings were that nearly 20 million modern sporting rifles are in circulation, along with more than 70 million each of rifle and pistol magazines able to hold more than 10 rounds. Learn more HERE.

Nebraska Game and Parks temporarily closes Lincoln office to walk-up service
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has temporarily closed its Lincoln headquarters to walk-up customer service in an effort to protect its staff and the public from a potential COVID-19 spread. Read more HERE.

Nebraska offers free lifetime park permits for disabled veterans
Resident Nebraska disabled veterans now may apply for a lifetime vehicle park entry permit at no charge. The permits are valid at any Nebraska state park, state recreation area or state historical park. See more HERE.

RMEF and partners award South Dakota nearly half-million dollars
South Dakota received $450,154 in grants from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners for wildlife habitat enhancement and hunting heritage projects. Learn more HERE.

Michigan asks for vigilance after spotted lanternfly carcasses found
The invasive spotted lanternfly causes direct damage by sucking sap from host plants and secreting large amounts of a sugar-rich, sticky liquid called honeydew. This honeydew and the resulting black, sooty mold can kill plants and foul surfaces. The honeydew often attracts other pests, particularly hornets, wasps, and ants, affecting outdoor recreation and complicating crop harvests. Discover more HERE.

NASGW names Hornady 2020 Innovator of the Year
Hornady® has been recognized as the Innovator of the Year by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers. Hornady has gone from a start-up in a small Grand Island, Nebraska former auto body shop, to become the largest independently owned maker of bullets, ammunition and tools in the world. Find out more HERE. See Nexgen Outfitters’ selection of Hornady products HERE.

New crossbow technology patent aims for manufactures
Krysse AS, a Norwegian company, announces a revolutionary breakthrough in newly patented cam-assist technology that can be applied across various crossbow platforms. It makes cocking and uncocking crossbows easier. See the details HERE.

First and second focal plane riflescopes – What’s the difference?
This short article explains the answer to that question. Read it HERE.

How is NASP handling the Covid-19 crisis?
The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®), an in-school training effort with millions of participants, is adjusting to a world with pandemic restrictions. Read what the program is doing HERE.

Last week for Nebraska’s outdoor photo contest
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will accept submissions for the 2020 Nebraskaland Magazine photo contest through Nov. 22, 2020. Get the details HERE.

Recipe Venison “Meat-ball” Sliders
For hunters who are serious about utilizing every part of the deer, this recipe suggests a use for your buck’s – er – buckhood. Try one – if you dare. Learn how HERE.