Gun Laws, CWD Updates, Hunting Tips & Safety

Posted by Dan Carlson on Sep 9th 2021

Gun Laws, CWD Updates, Hunting Tips & Safety

Colorado gun owners must report lost or stolen firearms
New legislation became law this week, puts Coloradans at risk of becoming criminals themselves if they fail to report a theft or loss of a firearm to law enforcement within five days. Get the details HERE.

September is Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month
By practicing four simple steps, you can fully enjoy your tree stand hunting experience and come home safe after the hunt. Learn what they are HERE.

Wyoming Game and Fish requires mandatory CWD samples from two deer hunt areas
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is trying something new this year in their ongoing effort to monitor chronic wasting disease in Wyoming. For the first time, Game and Fish is requiring mandatory CWD sample submission on deer harvested from Deer Hunt Areas 96 and 97. Find out more HERE.

Missouri reminds deer hunters to get harvested deer sampled for CWD
With deer hunting in Missouri opening for archery season on Sept. 15 and for firearms portions in the coming months, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) wants hunters to know key information about chronic wasting disease (CWD). MDC will be holding mandatory CWD sampling during opening weekend of firearms season and voluntary CWD sampling all season for hunters who harvest deer in MDC CWD Management Zone counties. Read more HERE.

Nebraska Game and Parks seeks comment on elk management plan
The purpose of the plan, which is a working document, is to provide background and historical information about elk in Nebraska, while providing guidance in the decision-making process. Find out how to participate HERE.

North Dakota reminds hunters about rules on transporting big game
Hunters are prohibited from transporting into or within North Dakota the whole carcass of deer, elk, moose or other members of the cervid family harvested outside of North Dakota. Learn more HERE.

Nebraska’s fall wild turkey season opens September 15
Turkey hunters in Nebraska enjoy a long fall season, which ends January 31, 2022, and high success and satisfaction rates. Find out more HERE.

“Fanning” for turkeys works, but is it safe?
A relatively new, controversial wild turkey hunting technique has developed in recent years that may prove as dangerous—even deadly—for the hunter as for the turkey. Known as “reaping” or “fanning,” it involves a hunter using a fanned turkey tail to hide behind while stalking and calling a gobbler. NRA Family explains the controversy behind this new tactic HERE.

How to avoid hitting a moose with your vehicle
Moose are on the move this time of year and collisions with the massive animals increase late summer and fall. Some things you can do to avoid hitting one can be found HERE.

Alaskan outfitter defends clients from attacking grizzly with 9 mm pistol
An Alaskan guide was forced to engage an attacking bear with what many consider to be insufficient firepower.It wasn’t. Read the story on the American Hunter website HERE.

The .22 Magnum: Good for Self-Defense?
This piece from the NRA’s American Rifleman website evaluates the .22 Magnum as a defensive round. Some of the findings might surprise you. Read the article HERE.