Gun News: Bills, Olympics, Wildlife Updates

Posted by Dan Carlson on Jul 8th 2021

Gun News: Bills, Olympics, Wildlife Updates

Handgun registration bill introduced in congress
H.R. 3740 would require all handguns in the U.S. to be registered with the federal government. Read the text of the bill HERE.

NSSF to challenge New York’s public nuisance laws against gun makers
The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) will challenge to overturn the law signed by New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo that would allow civil lawsuits by municipalities against the firearm industry for the criminal actions by non-associated third parties. Read more HERE.

How to watch Tokyo Olympics shooting events
Although shooting events will probably not be a major part of the television broadcasts, there are still ways to watch Team USA shooters compete this summer at the Olympics. See how to watch HERE.

What’s causing mysterious songbird deaths?
Reports are coming in from Pennsylvania and other eastern states about large numbers of songbirds being found dead or very sick. Find out more HERE.

Delta Waterfowl launches innovative online waterfowl hunting course
Learn all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to enjoy successful duck and goose hunting on your own or with your friends HERE.

Arizona bans trail cameras
The Arizona Game and Fish Department Commission voted unanimously to ban trail cameras “for the purpose of taking or aiding in the take of wildlife, or locating wildlife for the purpose of taking or aiding in the take of wildlife.” Find out more HERE.

Montana to keep traps set up after woman killed by grizzly bear
After two days of searching by helicopter and on the ground, the grizzly bear that killed a woman Tuesday morning has not been found. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks bear specialists and wardens are continuing to monitor culvert traps set in the area. Read more HERE.

Nebraska invites you to participate in summer turkey survey
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is encouraging the public’s participation in its annual summer turkey survey July 1-Aug. 31. The survey provides useful estimates about annual production by wild turkey hens and how many poults, or young turkeys, survive the summer brood-rearing period. Learn more HERE.

Five cool things you didn’t know about opossums
From NRA family, an article claiming this humble and homely little mammal is actually far more interesting than you'd think. Read more HERE.