Gun Rights Ruling Overturned & Best Rifles, Ammo

Posted by Dan Carlson on Sep 23rd 2021

Gun Rights Ruling Overturned & Best Rifles, Ammo

Federal court throws out gun-rights ruling
A federal appeals court on Wednesday dismissed a July ruling that said a federal law banning handgun sales to young adults under the age of 21 was unconstitutional. Learn why HERE.

COVID forces 2021 Rifle/Pistol Nationals cancellation
Due to capacity limitations and COVID restrictions on alternative locations, USA Shooting announces the cancellation of 2021 Rifle and Pistol Nationals originally scheduled to take place October 2021. Learn more HERE.

Nebraska Game and Parks seeks help from bowhunters
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission would like to gather information about deer numbers and herd dynamics as well as turkey trends, so it is inviting bow hunters to assist with the collection of this important management information. Find out more HERE.

Pennsylvania takes steps to mitigate spread of disease in rabbits
The Pennsylvania Game Commission has taken important steps to address Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, a considerable threat to the Commonwealth’s domestic and native wild rabbit and hare populations. Read more HERE.

Six tribes sue Wisconsin to try to stop November wolf hunt
Six Native American tribes have sued Wisconsin to stop its planned gray wolf hunt in November, asserting the hunt violates their treaty rights and endangers an animal they consider sacred. Get the details HERE.

Wyoming seeks state management of grizzly bears
Governor Gordon announced that the State of Wyoming is seeking state management of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). The State is petitioning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to delist the GYE grizzly bear population which, by all measures, has been fully-recovered since 2003. Read more HERE.

+P ammunition: Making sense of higher pressure ammo
You'll see the term deployed in gun reviews and discussions about using handguns for self-defense: "+P." You can tell from the context of the conversation and the plus symbol that ammunition marked that way has "something extra" to it, but what, exactly, do people mean when they're talking about it? Find out HERE.

Best new hunting rifles 2021
The NRA’s American Hunter published a list of what it considers to be the best new rifles for hunting in 2021. If one sounds like what you’re looking for, contact Nexgen Outfitters to check on ordering one. See the list HERE.

How to choose the right shotgun for waterfowl hunting
Few sporting arms are subjected to more abuse than is the fowler’s shotgun. From dew-soaked stubble fields with footing the consistency of cake batter, to hazard-filled marshes and layout boats cutting waves, said shotguns are often tortured endlessly. See which ones are best HERE.

Considering a gun for mom or grandma? Here are some suggestions
YouTuber Greyman47 took his elderly mother to a gun range to try out some popular 9 mm semi-automatic pistols. The results were surprising in that one big-name gun maker got a big “no” after the sesson. See the video HERE.

Pat Garrett’s revolver just sold for the highest price in history
On August 27, the Colt Single Action Army revolver that Pat Garrett used in 1881 to put an end to Billy the Kid in the desert Southwest sold at auction for the highest price paid for a civilian firearm at auction, perhaps any gun, in history. Learn what it went for HERE.