Guns & Gear: Remington Bankruptcy, Shooting Tips & More

Posted by Dan Carlson on Aug 5th 2020

Guns & Gear: Remington Bankruptcy, Shooting Tips & More

Remington Outdoor Company and subsidiaries file for Chapter 11
As one of the largest manufacturers in the world of firearms and ammunition, Remington has have some of the most globally recognized brands, including Remington, Marlin, Dakota Arms, AAC, Barnes Bullets, and Storm Lake. See what this news means for them HERE.

RMEF and partners award $2 million in Idaho
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners awarded $2,047,704 of grant funding in Idaho to benefit habitat for elk and other wildlife as well as hunting heritage. Get the details HERE.

Don’t forget to get HIP
Hunters of migratory birds are reminded of their requirement to register for the Harvest Information Program (HIP) beginning August 1. Read details HERE.

Six things to do before deer season
What you can do to maximize your safety and success for the months ahead. See the suggestions HERE.

How to build a backyard shooting range for less than $2,000
If you have the land and neighbors don’t mind, there are some things to consider. See them HERE.

Bats in your house?
We’re approaching the time of year when humans are most likely to encounter bats in homes. What should you do if you find one inside? You’ll find answers HERE.

45-70 hard-cast bullets vs 12-gauge slug
Which hits harder? It’s a close contest. See for yourself HERE.

Three reasons to own a rimfire gun
Other than being fun to shoot and affordable ammo, there are reasons to own a .22 or .17 rimfire rifle. Explore them HERE.

Joerg Sprave has a new YouTube video
This guy has more than 2.5 million subscribers to his feed and his content is addicting. Maybe it’s his voice or perhaps the innovative weapons he shows off. In any case, see this brand new video HERE.