Hunt, Track, Thrive: Tips & Top Gear for Outdoorsmen

Posted by Dan Carlson on Sep 10th 2020

Hunt, Track, Thrive: Tips & Top Gear for Outdoorsmen

Nebraska’s Duck Slam is now on
The concept of the Nebraska Duck Slam is simple: harvest four birds — an American wigeon (drake), mallard (drake), Northern pintail (drake) and a teal (blue-winged or green-winged, either sex) – in Nebraska and receive an official certificate, Nebraska Duck Slam pin and bragging rights. Additionally, all hunters who complete the slam during the 2020-2021 season will be registered to win one of several great prizes generously donated by Ducks Unlimited. Learn more HERE.

Pennsylvania Elk Cam goes live
The opportunity again has come to get a glimpse of Pennsylvania's prime time for elk – without ever having to leave home. See more HERE.

Oregon bowhunter hunter gored, killed by charging elk
The animal had been wounded the evening before and charged the hunter the next morning as he attempted to finish it. See the details HERE.

Handgun, Shotgun, or Rifle: Which is best for home defense?
A sheriff takes a look at three viable home-defense firearm platforms and discusses when, where and why each may or may not be the best in certain situations. Read more HERE.

Gun and ammo sales in the U.S. skyrocket
See who is buying them and why HERE.

Taking care of meat in heat
Hunting seasons are here at last, but that doesn’t mean downright hot days are done for the year. Taking a few extra steps as you field-dress and transport harvested game on hot fall days can mean the difference between a full and empty freezer. Find out what to do HERE.
How to remove a stuck bullet from a firearm barrel
It doesn’t happen very often, but there is occasionally a situation in which you may need to remove a bullet stuck between the muzzle and receiver end of a firearm. Learn how HERE.

Top 10 handguns for women
The NRA staff published a list of handguns it feels are the best for female shooters.See what the NRA recommends HERE. Nexgen Outfitters has a large selection of handguns for sale at its retail store in Sidney, Nebraska. Order online to drop by to take a look.