Hunters Beware! Wild Animals Hit by Pandemic

Posted by Dan Carlson on Aug 13th 2021

Hunters Beware! Wild Animals Hit by Pandemic

Covid-19 antibodies found in wild deer across four states
Your eyes, unfortunately, do not deceive you. According to researchers, COVID-19 has hit even our secluded woodlands. Learn the implications HERE.

How to prepare for dove season
Hunters in several states are counting down the days until the start of dove season. NRA Family has published an article recapping how to get ready for the dove opener. Read it HERE.

Waterfowlers can expect fewer ducks and geese this fall
Experts are predicting reduced numbers of birds this fall due to very dry conditions in some of the prime breeding areas. Get a species by species breakdown HERE.

Why are bucks in front of everyone else’s trail cameras, but not yours?
Follow the science in this detailed look at camera placement and other factors. Read it HERE.

Pistol or revolver for your first carry gun?
ShootON™ has published an article outlining the pros and cons of revolvers and semi-autos aimed at those who are considering a first-time carry gun purchase. Read it HERE.

Nebraska’s Director’s Take Aim Games set for August 21
The Nebraska Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln is hosting a new event for families and young adults: the Director’s Take Aim Games. The Games will allow groups of up to seven to register for light-hearted competition in various shooting sports, such as indoor rifle, outdoor archery, tomahawk throwing, slingshots and more. Start times for the competition rounds are 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, August 21 at the outdoor education center in Lincoln, 4703 N. 44th Street. Find out more HERE.

Wyoming asks public to report dead sage grouse during West Nile virus season
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking everyone, especially landowners, to report dead sage grouse to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department so the birds can be tested for West Nile virus. Learn more HERE.

Interest in bear hunting is growing in Minnesota
The state has a healthy population of black bears, and more hunters are showing interest in pursuing Minnesota bruins. Find out more HERE.

What to look for when buying a used rifle
The NRA’s American Rifleman published this article featuring a gentleman who spent many years behind a retail gun counter. See what he has to say about used rifles HERE.

The go-to fishing lure of late summer
The author explains why top-water lures are an excellent choice for catching fish as the equinox approaches. Read the article HERE.

Deer annihilates hawk that grabbed a rabbit
None of us at Nexgen Outfitters, where the combined experience of the staff in hunting totals more than a century, has ever seen anything like this. CAUTION: Brutal animal on animal violence. See it HERE.