Hunting Heats Up in 2020

Posted by Dan Carlson on Jan 5th 2021

Hunting Heats Up in 2020

How 2020 revived the sport of hunting
Estimates show 14 percent of those who hunted last year were first-time hunters, and the fastest growing demographic in hunting was women. Find out more HERE.

2020 shatters profile of “typical gun owner”
Last year set a new record for gun sales in the U.S., but demographic information about who the buyers were is eye-opening. See the details HERE.

Hunting late-season waterfowl
Hunting the late-waterfowl season is not for the faint of heart. Thick ice, biting temperatures and freezing equipment are only a few things that the most die-hard of waterfowl hunters have to contend with. Learn how to increase your chances of success HERE.

Nebraska now accepting applications for multispecies lottery
The Super Tag lottery permit will be valid for one elk of either sex, one antelope of either sex, one deer of either sex and two turkeys. See how to enter HERE.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation hits a milestone
A 2,892-acre conservation easement in the Pine Ridge region of northwest Nebraska helped RMEF hit an impressive number of acres of habitat conserved. Find out more HERE.

Apply now for spring turkey permits in Michigan
Applications are being accepted until February 1. Get more information HERE.

How to win on winter predator hunts
It’s the time of year when predators have some thick fur and hunting them can be both challenging and rewarding. See tips on how to do it HERE.

South Dakota gathering information on wolves in the state
While there are no plans to reintroduce gray wolves in South Dakota, the state does acknowledge that they have been seen both east and west of the Missouri River. Read how the state is handling the situation HERE.

Wisconsin to have first wolf hunting season in years
The hunt is scheduled for November this year. Find out more HERE.

Man saves deer on frozen lake
Many deer perish every winter when they wander onto frozen water and cannot get off because deer hooves have poor traction on icy surfaces. One man did his part to rescue a deer in Wisconsin. See how he did it HERE.

You won’t believe what this elk was wearing
Colorado Parks and Wildlife had to come to the rescue of an elk in some very unusual attire. See the pictures HERE.

What do you know about wolverines?
It turns out this amazing animal has some pretty cool superpowers. Learn about them HERE.