Hunting News: Best Deer Season in a Decade!

Posted by Dan Carlson on Feb 11th 2022

Hunting News: Best Deer Season in a Decade!

COVID-19 Changed the Future of Hunting
While everyone acknowledges the pandemic has sparked a resurgence in interest in the outdoors, no one really had a handle on the size of this wave until now. 2020 saw a 25% increase in hunters in the United States. Learn more HERE.

Best Buck Season for U.S. Deer Hunters in a Decade
Americans harvested an estimated 6.3 million deer last year, according to a report from the National Deer Association. This would make it the best season since 2011. The estimated buck harvest is the highest in 21 years. Discover more HERE.

Ohio: 2021-22 Final Deer Harvest Report Issued
Ohio’s 2021-22 deer hunting season concluded Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022, with 196,988 deer checked, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. Read details HERE.

RMEF Commits $1 Million to Wildfire Restoration
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation committed more than $1 million to landscape-scale efforts to help restore thousands of acres of public and private forestland, meadows and other landscapes charred by recent wildfires. Learn more HERE.

Bill to Ban Bobcat and Cougar Hunts in Colorado Voted Down
A recently introduced bill in Colorado would have limited the hunting of bobcats, mountain lions and other big cats in the state. It was recently voted down in committee, however. Read more about this HERE.

San Jose, California, To Mandate Liability Insurance for Gun Owners
San Jose, California, will now legally require all gun owners to have liability insurance thanks to a measure approved by the city council. This is expected to be a growing trend in jurisdictions with gun-control advocates in the majority. Find out more HERE.

Watch That Front Sight
A sheriff explains why he tells people to ignore the rear sights on their handguns in self-defense situations. See his reasoning HERE.

Review: Heritage Barkeep Boot Revolver
Heritage had a hit on its hands when it produced the Barkeep, a downsized version of its popular Rough Rider single-action .22 rimfire revolver. Now it’s followed up with an even smaller model, the Barkeep Boot. Read a review of this interesting little firearm HERE.

Is Your Plan to Bug Out Into the Woods When Everything Hits the Fan?
If so, you might want to reconsider. Find out why HERE.

Work in the Outdoor Industry
Check out the latest job listings in the Outdoor Industry HERE.