Hunting News: End Bank Discrimination Against Firearms!

Posted by Dan Carlson on Mar 22nd 2022

Hunting News: End Bank Discrimination Against Firearms!

End Bank Discrimination Against the Firearms Industry
Some big banks are refusing to lend money and provide financial services to companies involved in the firearms industry that fail to follow certain gun control policies. Learn more HERE.

Conservation in the U.S. is Largely Funded by Shooting Sports
The Pittman-Robertson Act levied a federal tax on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment at a rate of 10 percent for handguns and 11 percent for long guns, ammunition, and archery equipment. The funds are collected from the manufacturer quarterly and distributed to the states on an annual basis. Find out more HERE.

Alabama, Indiana and Ohio Join Constitutional Carry States
The governors in Alabama, Indiana and Ohio signed constitutional carry measures into law this month. Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, July 1, 2022 and June 12, 2022, respectively, residents who can legally own a firearm will be able to carry a concealed handgun—within their state of residence, while adhering to local, state or federal ordinances—without a concealed-carry permit. Learn more HERE.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Detected in South Dakota
South Dakota has seen avian bird flu in 2008 and 2015, but wild bird mortality did not occur in those outbreaks. Although this new strain seems to be more present in wild birds, mortality rates should be low and not have any population affects. Discover more HERE.

Spring Wild Turkey Hunting: Addiction, Obsession, Passion
Anyone who has ever spent a gorgeous spring morning with their back leaning against the base of a mature hardwood tree or sitting in a camouflaged blind, using a call and decoys to lure a wild strutting, gobbling tom turkey to within shooting range, can attest to the addiction, obsession and passion of this outdoor lifestyle. Read more HERE.

Pre-Season Turkey Scouting with the Professionals
With spring turkey season almost here, now is the time to get out and locate a tom or two, so you have a game plan to put into action on opening day. See what the pros recommend HERE.

Dialing vs. Holdover for Hunting
Which is the better method for making consistent long-range shots? Find out HERE.

How You Can Help Ukraine
Ukraine is requesting donations of ammunition and firearms in certain calibers. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has compiled a list you can see HERE.

The Best Hunting Revolvers
The Outdoor Hub has compiled a list of what it feels are the nine best hunting revolvers ever made. See if you agree and read the list HERE.

What Your Pistol Target is Trying to Tell You
Handgun targets can tell you a lot more about how you shoot than just whether you missed or not. Learn more HERE.

Work in the Outdoor Industry
Check out the latest job listings in the Outdoor Industry HERE.