Hunting News: Montana Unveils New Elk Management Plan

Posted by Dan Carlson on Feb 18th 2022

Hunting News: Montana Unveils New Elk Management Plan

The Truth About Remington’s Settlement in the Sandy Hook Lawsuit
The Outdoor Wire’s Jim Shepherd sets the record straight on what the settlement means and does not mean for the firearm industry. Read his column HERE.

Montana to Being Work on New Elk Management Plan
Using the guiding principles that the Elk Management Plan Initial Guidance Citizens Group developed in 2020, FWP will engage with hunters and landowners to create a plan that will be the foundation for elk management across the state. Read more HERE.

Gray Wolves Put Back On the List of Federally Protected Animals
An order Thursday from a federal court in California returns gray wolves, including those in Michigan, to the federal list of endangered species. The ruling means that two state laws governing the ability to kill wolves preying on livestock, pets and hunting dogs have been immediately suspended.Find out more HERE.

Gray Wolves Now Federally Protected in Nebraska
The Gray Wolf was delisted federally due to population recovery; however, in February 2022 the decision to delist wolves was overturned, reinstating federal protection for wolves in 44 of the lower 48 states — including Nebraska. Learn more HERE.

Nebraska: Surveys Hitting Hunters’ Inboxes Soon
Hunters of upland and small game, waterfowl, fall turkey and deer will receive emailed invitations to participate in surveys about their harvest and hunting experiences. Read more HERE.

It’s almost time for shed antler hunting
Beginning in late December and continuing through April, white-tailed and mule deer shed their antlers for regrowth purposes in Nebraska. Most deer drop their antlers in March, making it a good time to get outdoors to try to find some. Find out more HERE.

Rifle Mud Test
Just how well do several popular semiautomatic rifles work after encountering serious mud? Find out in a Tactical Life video HERE.

Bowtech Pro Shooter Paige Pearce Makes History and Shoots a 900 in Vegas
At the “Super Bowl” of archery, the NFAA Vegas Shoot, Bowtech pro shooter Paige Pearce was part of a major historical event. For the first time all 3 podium winners in the Compound Female division finished with perfect a perfect 900 score. Learn more HERE.

Shotgun Choke Explained Simply
An easy-to-understand explanation of what shotgun chokes are and what they do. Read it HERE.

Outdoor Careers: Wildlife Rehabilitator
Animals, and especially birds, often seem to find themselves in dangerous situations due to human activity. Whether injured by plastic beverage loops or stuck in an oil slick, there will always be critters in need of help. That’s the role of a wildlife rehabilitator. See what it takes to become one HERE.

Work in the Outdoor Industry
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