Hunting News: Ohio Deer Harvest Hits Record High!

Posted by Dan Carlson on Dec 16th 2020

Hunting News: Ohio Deer Harvest Hits Record High!

NSSF produces video in response to firearm thefts from vehicles
Theft of guns from vehicles in on the increase, perhaps in response to firearm inventory shortages at many gun dealers. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has produced videos demonstrating safe firearm storage in cars and trucks. Find out more HERE. See one of the videos HERE.

Boone and Crockett Club announces major anti-poaching initiative
Through Poach & Pay, the Club will work with state wildlife agencies, legislators, and the judicial system to improve the detection and conviction of poachers and to ensure that the fines being assessed for this illegal killing are in line with the value our society places on wildlife. Learn more HERE.

Ohio deer harvest above average
Ohio’s hunters harvested 71,650 white-tailed deer during the annual gun hunting week that concluded on Sunday, Dec. 6, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. Find out how that compares historically HERE.

Nebraska’s four-bird challenge for duck hunters
Nebraska Game and Parks challenges you to complete the Nebraska Duck Slam by harvesting four birds: an American wigeon (drake), mallard (drake), Northern pintail (drake) and a teal (blue-winged or green-winged, either sex). Get the details HERE.

Take someone hunting, win big prizes
For a second year, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission challenges you to go hunting and share your passion with someone you care about. It doesn’t matter if they’re brand new to hunting, or if they just haven’t gone in a few years. Take ’em hunting and be eligible to win one of thousands of dollars in prizes. Learn more HERE.

Delta Waterfowl tries to answer, “Where are the Ducks?”
A waterfowling contradiction has emerged in recent years: While three of the past five USFWS Waterfowl Population Status Reports have estimated record breeding duck populations and good production, many southern hunters have reported lackluster duck seasons. See what’s being done to find out why this is HERE.

Building a Christmas tree out of shed antlers
‘Tis the season. Check it out HERE.

Complete guide on how to butcher a deer a home
In this video, the Bearded Butchers show how to cut up a deer carcass yourself. It’s a lengthy video, but does show every step in the process so you’ll have a very good understanding of what’s involved. See the video HERE.

James Bond gun goes for a quarter-million dollars at auction
The Walther PP, used by Sean Connery in his first Bond movie, Dr. No, was recently auctioned by Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills for $256,000. Read more HERE.