Hunting News: Unified Force for Deer & Hunters

Posted by Dan Carlson on Nov 10th 2020

Hunting News: Unified Force for Deer & Hunters

The National Deer Association becomes a unified organization for deer conservation
Forged from the combined strengths of two successful organizations, the Quality Deer Management Association and the National Deer Alliance, the new non-profit National Deer Association is adapted to work more effectively for deer and hunters in the altered landscape of wildlife conservation. Learn more HERE. Meet the NDA’s CEO HERE.

Pope & Young certifies new record mule deer
On Wednesday, October 28, the Pope and Young Club convened a Special Panel of Judges in Lehi, Utah, for a potential P&Y World Record Velvet Non-Typical Mule Deer. Justin Gordon’s velvet mule deer scored an amazing 324 3/8" and is now the largest bow-harvested VELVET Non-Typical Mule Deer in North America. Get the details HERE.

Pope & Young certifies record velvet typical Sitka Blacktail
Allen Bollen’s velvet blacktail scored an amazing 108 1/8" and is now the largest bow-harvested VELVET Typical Blacktail in North America. Find out more HERE.

Michigan’s 2021 deer hunting regulations to be introduced November 12
A new package of deer regulations will be introduced to the Michigan Natural Resources Commission at its Nov. 12 meeting. Learn more HERE.

Join Nebraska’s Deer Exchange
This program connects hunters who have a surplus of deer with people interested in receiving it. To participate, join our database for free and search for participants in your area. Find out more HERE.

List of Hunters Helping the Hungry meat processors changes in Nebraska
Hunters in south-central Nebraska wanting to participate in the Hunters Helping the Hungry program will have one less meat processor available to them during the November firearm deer season. See the list of participating processors HERE.

Arizona’s 2021 spring hunt draw results available
The Arizona Game and Fish Department has completed its random draw for 2021 spring hunts for turkey, javelina, bison and bear, and raptor capture. Learn how to see the results HERE.

Top 10 violations during firearms deer seasons
Conservation officers list the 10 most common hunting violations that they encounter every firearm season. Read the story HERE.

Make treestand safety a priority
Most hunters think that an accident won’t happen to them, but anyone who has fallen from a tree stand thought the same thing. Those who have had the misfortune say that it happened so fast they had no time to react. Review treestand safety tips HERE.

You won’t believe what a Minnesota deer hunter encountered and killed
It’s on the short list of predators you’d expect to run into in Minnesota any time of year, let alone during deer season. See it HERE.