Hunting Season Hits, Fishing Booms, 2M Acres Open

Posted by Dan Carlson on May 28th 2020

Hunting Season Hits, Fishing Booms, 2M Acres Open

Have Covid virus lockdowns impacted hunting?
The short answer is yes. Lockdowns hit in the middle of spring turkey season in many states, and spring bear seasons were also impacted. Find out what this means for hunting and hunters HERE.

States report record sales of fishing licenses during virus shutdown
Several states report incredible spikes in the sales of fishing licenses over the past several weeks as thousands of folks, including large numbers of young people, decide to social distance with fishing poles. See the story HERE.

Two-million acre public access expansion is great for hunters
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt announced a public hunting and fishing access plan of historic proportions. Sec. Bernhardt is proposing a rule that would open 2.3 million acres to hunting and fishing at 97 national wildlife refuges and nine national fish hatcheries. It’s the largest ever expansion of public hunting and fishing opportunities in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s history. Read more HERE.

Reward offered for information about wildlife poisonings in northern Wisconsin
Authorities in northern Wisconsin are investigating after investigators found dead raptors, coyotes, weasels, raccoons, wolves and several domestic dogs dead from poison. See the story HERE.

What are the best .380 pistols for concealed carry?
The NRA recently published a list of recommended compact .380 pistols and you can buy them all at Nexgen Outfitters. See the list HERE.

Looking for a career change?
Record unemployment has many Americans taking a hard look at their career choices and thinking about making some changes. If you’re one of them and have thought about a job that lets you enjoy the great outdoors, both North Dakota and Nebraska are accepting applications for conservation officers. See the North Dakota info HERE, and the Nebraska info HERE.

500-yard bow shot with a Dude Perfect bow
See the story and video HERE.

There’s a bear in the house!
A quiet getaway in a Great Smoky Mountains cabin turned into anything but for an Indiana couple when a hungry black bear pushed open the door and walked in. The people are okay but the bruin made off with 8 lbs. of candy, chips, a diet Coke, allergy meds and beer. See the video HERE.

New online challenge has people diving into sporting goods chain’s fish tanks
A Florida man is the latest to take the plunge into a retailer’s aquarium but doing so is illegal and dangerous. See the story and video HERE.