New Guns, Hunting Tips & Rule Changes

Posted by Dan Carlson on Sep 16th 2021

New Guns, Hunting Tips & Rule Changes

There were more than 3 million new gun owners the first half of 2021
According to a recent survey from the National Shootings Sports Foundation, more than 3.2 million people bought their first gun in the first half of this year. Learn more HERE.

Nebraska offers free upland bird mixed-bag trip planner
This online guide provides information about where you might encounter four of Nebraska’s popular upland bird species (pheasants, grouse, quail and prairie chickens) on the same hunt. See it HERE.

Nebraska seeks public input on its elk management plan
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission encourages the public to provide input on a draft of the 2021 Elk Management plan.The plan outlines and will guide elk management in Nebraska. Find out more HERE.

Two new changes in Pennsylvania hunting rules
Two changes approved earlier this year by the Pennsylvania Game Commission now have become official. Learn what they are HERE.

Michigan DNR releases 2021 Deer Hunting Preview
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released its annual deer hunting preview. Overall, conditions are looking excellent for the upcoming seasons, and deer hunters can expect hunting to be as good or better than last year. Read more HERE.

Common hunting and fishing violations that conservation officers encounter
This article examines which violations of regulations Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officers encounter most often. Though these take place in Utah, they are the kind of violations often encountered by C/Os in other states as well. Read them HERE.

RMEF helps protect South Dakota elk habitat
The 965-acre Argyle Canyon property is in the southwest portion of the state and adjoins the Black Hills National Forest to the northeast and expands a connected landscape between the forest, the 33,000-acre Wind Cave National Park and the 71,000-acre Custer State Park. Learn more HERE.

EOTech takes aim at counterfeiters
EOTech, a leading holographic weapons sight manufacturer, has launched a campaign targeting those who create and sell illegal copies of its military-grade sighting systems. Read more about this on the NRA American Rifleman website HERE.

How to get the most out of your trail cameras
No matter if you are running one camera on a small hunting plot or have multiple cameras scattered about your property or lease area, there are a few tips that will help make your cameras perform better and last longer. See them HERE.

Why were trail cameras outlawed for hunting in Arizona?
Arizona recently outlawed the use of game cameras for hunting purposes. Why? Turns out hunters may have themselves to blame. Learn more HERE.

Hunters, ticks and tick-borne diseases
Early hunting seasons take place in warm weather when ticks and biting insects are still active. The NRA American Hunter website posted an article with up-to-date information about what hunters can do to prevent tick bites. Read it HERE.