Outdoor News: CWD Tips, Gun Rush Update & More!

Posted by Dan Carlson on Aug 17th 2020

Outdoor News: CWD Tips, Gun Rush Update & More!

Pope and Young Club to increase fees
The Club’s current entry fee cost of $35 per animal is no longer sustainable to offset all costs associated with processing entries. See the new fee HERE.

Nebraska fall turkey permits now available
Learn how you can apply for one HERE.

Flatten the curve on chronic wasting disease
As with Covid 19, keeping large concentrations of wild deer and elk from occurring is critical in limiting the spread of CWD. See what else can be done HERE.

The great American gun rush of 2020 continues
Raw numbers from the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System (NICS) show a new record for the month of July, and the third-highest monthly number of checks so far this year, suggesting the “gun rush” of 2020 is hardly over. Get details HERE.

Hiking through the wilderness is a great way to experience the outdoors
If you aren’t quite sure where to go hiking,we have prepared a list of some of the best hiking trails in the U.S. that are sure to give you a great time. See the list HERE.

Cowboy Action Shooter uses skills to stop bear attack
A trusty lever-action rifle is credited to saving a man and his wife when a bear came through the window of their home. Read the story HERE. See Nexgen Outfitters selection of lever-action rifles HERE.

Bison charges park visitor – video
A cell phone video caught the heart-stopping moment when two visitors were charged by a pair of bison in Yellowstone National Park and one was forced to play dead. Her decision to do so likely saved her life. See the clip HERE.

Ranger posts message warning guests not to feed pizza to moose
While it isn’t uncommon to see messages warning guests not to feed the animals at national parks or other public areas, one ranger in Colorado recently got very specific. Read the story HERE.

Camping World aims to bring 200 jobs to Sidney, Nebraska
Not only is the largest RV retailer in the United States going to plant a 130-foot flag pole with a giant American flag on 14 acres near Wal-Mart, but Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis says they're going to build a 30,000-40,000 square-foot store in the heart of Cheyenne County. Find out more HERE.

Dove season is almost here! We’ve got three recipes you must try this season
After your successful harvest, it's time to take these dainty (but delectable) game birds and turn them into a meal that will become part of your family tradition for years to come. See the recipes HERE.