Outdoor News: Remington Falls, Skunk Dog Tips & More

Posted by Dan Carlson on Sep 29th 2020

Outdoor News: Remington Falls, Skunk Dog Tips & More

The end of firearm icon Remington

For six years the fate of Remington and the many brand names and assets owned by it has been tied up in court. Now its fate is sealed. When all the deals are finalized, Remington, once the only U.S. producer of both firearms and ammunition, will only be a fading shadow of the company founded by Eliphalet Remington II in 1816. See the story and who is buying what assets HERE.

RMEF helps Pennsylvania improve elk habitat
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners awarded $1,129,112 in grant funding to support wildlife habitat enhancement, scientific research and hunting heritage efforts in Pennsylvania. Learn more HERE.

RMEF joins effort to stop Proposition 114 in Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation committed more than $300,000 toward efforts to defeat a 2020 ballot initiative to introduce wolves into Colorado. Find out more HERE.

Wild hog populations in America are getting out of control
The number of wild pigs in the United States continues to increase rapidly every day, and experts are now describing the seemingly out of control situation as a “ticking feral swine bomb.” Read more and see a video about this situation HERE.

Nebraska Fish Art Contest is open for submissions
Students in kindergarten through 12th grade can discover the outdoors by participating in the second annual Nebraska Fish Art Contest. Get the details HERE.

How to get skunk smell off your dog
It’s happened to many a hunter over the years. The dog spooks a skunk and a smelly challenge ensures. See some of the more effective ways to de-skunk your dog or even yourself HERE.

Mountain lion on video watching kids play
Wildfires has pushed animals out of their habitat and into residential areas across the West. This concerning video shows what appears to be a healthy cougar watching children on bicycles playing nearby. See the story HERE.

Venison Recipe: Deer Eggroll Delight
Many of us like to share our game we’ve harvested with folks who may not have an opportunity to enjoy wild game. This is an easy recipe for what is supposed to be an appetizer but often turns into a complete meal with folks fighting over the last one. Check it out HERE.

How to operate a rifle in the dark
High-tech optics and electronics help us see in low-light conditions, but training under the same types of low- or no-light scenarios will familiarize us with our gear, which is always a good thing. Read more HERE.

Gun loads for self-defense against animals
The nature of the threat depends on where you’re most likely to encounter a dangerous animal. Understand the threat, and then match the firearm and ammo to it. Learn more HERE.