Safe Camping in Covid: Tips to Protect Your Family

Posted by Dan Carlson on Jun 16th 2020

Safe Camping in Covid: Tips to Protect Your Family

Gun sales spike, FBI background checks smashed records in May
Gun sales and accompanying FBI background checks spiked last month, breaking records as the nation weathered the coronavirus pandemic and riots broke out in major cities. See the numbers HERE.

Camping during the Covid-19 pandemic
Campgrounds are opening across the U.S. and people are eager to get outdoors following weeks of home confinement. But the virus is still a threat to you and your family. This article offers ways campers can reduce risk of infection. See them HERE.

RMEF ratchets up land protection work in Wyoming
Thanks to the conservation action taken by a family that appreciates the wildlife values of its land, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation closed its fourth land protection project in Wyoming so far this year. Read the details HERE.

Utah approves changes to upland game hunting season dates, other items
The Utah Wildlife Board approved several changes to upland game and turkey hunting in the state during a recent virtual meeting, including extensions and changes to some season dates for upland game, as well as a few other items. See the changes HERE.

Sig Sauer rumor
With L&O Holding group’s announcement late last week that their SIG SAUER GmbH (German) division in Eckernforde, Germany was being shut down, the speculation began almost immediately as to what the impact might be on SIG SAUER’s operations in Newington, New Hampshire. Find the answer HERE.

Springfield announces Hellcat now available in new color
Building on its strength as the highest capacity micro compact 9mm in the world since its launch in 2019, Springfield Armory® announced a new variant of the Hellcat® in Desert Flat Dark Earth (FDE). It is being offered in both standard and OSP™ versions. Get the details HERE and let Nexgen Outfitters order one for you.

Possum problems?
North America’s only marsupial sometimes gets a bad rap and landowners are quick to rid themselves of any opossums they encounter. It turns out these critters do have some positive attributes that may have you decided to peacefully coexist with them. Learn more HERE.

Forrest Fenn treasure has been found
A New Mexican art dealer left potential treasure hunters clues after he hid a treasure chest containing gold and gems somewhere in the Rockies. Many have searched for it over the years, and now one lucky person has found it. Read the story HERE.

HBO disarms cartoon characters
Many of us grew up watching Looney Tunes cartoons on TV, especially on Saturday morning. Sure they were violent and politically incorrect by today’s standards but most people thought of them as harmless fun. Now HBO Max has announced it plans a reboot of about 200 Looney Tunes shows on its streaming service with one glaring omission.Elmer Fudd’s trusty side-by-side shotgun and Yosemite Sam’s revolvers will not appear in any episodes. Read the details HERE.