Top Outdoor Events & Tips for Fall Season

Posted by Dan Carlson on Sep 3rd 2021

Top Outdoor Events & Tips for Fall Season

Nebraska’s Outdoor Expo set for September 18-19 at Ponca State Park
After a one-year hiatus, the Missouri River Outdoor Expo is back Sept. 18-19 at Ponca State Park, with a diverse array of family-friendly, hands-on activities that showcase outdoor education, sports and recreation. Learn more HERE.

Nebraska officials predict a good upland bird season this year
According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s 2021-22 Upland Game Bird Hunting Outlook, upland hunters willing to adapt to the changing conditions should find success this season. Read more HERE.

Nebraska asks public to report sick or dead animals
Nebraska wildlife officials say conditions throughout much of the state are suitable for the spread of deadly viral diseases among big game populations and are asking the public to report unexplained death or illnesses of deer, pronghorn, elk and bighorn sheep. Learn more HERE.

Pheasant survey predicts another good year of hunting for most of Iowa
Based on the results of the August roadside survey, Iowa hunters can expect to harvest 250,000 to 350,000 roosters again this year, which would match the second highest bird harvest in the past 12 years. Find out more HERE.

Montana releases upland bird and waterfowl hunting forecasts
Discover what grouse, pheasant and waterfowl hunters in Montana can expect this fall HERE.

Montana hunters urge to be cautious in bear country
Grizzly bears have the potential to be found anywhere in the western two-thirds of Montana (west of Billings), and their distribution is denser and more widespread than in previous years. Some areas with dense concentrations of grizzly bears are very accessible to hunters, especially during the archery season. See a list of precautions to take HERE.

Four reasons kids love dove hunting
Despite the serious challenge of making the shot on a flying dove with a shotgun, dove continues to be a favorite hunt for many kids across the country each season. Why? Find out HERE.

Bowtech Pro Shooter Tim Gillingham breaks another world record
One world record is a big deal. Two the same year is almost unbelievable. See how he did HERE.

How to hunt timber-dwelling bucks
Hunters learn early to hunt the edges of various habitats, but there are times when a stalk in the deep woods is needed to bag a big buck. Learn about hunting deer in timber HERE.

Why small game hunts are key when recruiting new hunters
The number of hunters in the U.S. is declining. The only way to reduce that trend is to introduce hunting to those who’ve never tried it. There are many ways to do this, but introducing new hunters to small game hunting first offers some advantages. Find out what they are HERE.