Wildlife News: Ammo Updates, Hunting Tips & More

Posted by Dan Carlson on Jun 30th 2021

Wildlife News: Ammo Updates, Hunting Tips & More

Industry-Funded Research: The More Hunters, the Better
Upland wildlife research funded through Wildlife Restoration, derived from excise taxes on firearms, ammunition and archery gear, reveals new information for biologists—and for hunters. Read more HERE.

When will ammo shortages end?
Ammunition continues to be scarce and expensive, but there are encouraging signs of greater availability as summer progresses. See the details HERE.

Winchester recalls 9 mm ammunition
The recall includes select lots of 9 mm Luger 115-grain Full Metal Jacket and 115-grain Jacketed Hollow Point pistol ammunition. Find out which ones HERE.

North Dakota waterfowl populations down due to severe drought
Newly released numbers from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s (NDGFD) 74th annual breeding duck survey indicate a below average breeding season for waterfowl. The main cause of the decline is lack of water – the 2021 May water index was down 80% from 2020, and nearly 68% below the 1948-2020 average in the state. Learn more HERE.

Arizona plans to haul nearly 3 million gallons of water to thirsty wildlife
Arizona Game and Fish Department trucked and airlifted an unprecedented 2.4 million gallons of life-sustaining water to catchments throughout the state in 2020. With little relief in sight, it anticipates hauling close to 3 million gallons of water in 2021. Discover more HERE.

Remaining Utah deer, elk permits to be sold beginning July 8
If you didn't draw a buck deer or bull elk permit during the hunt drawing earlier this year — and you're still interested in hunting deer or elk this fall — your last chance to obtain a permit begins soon. Learn more HERE.

What you should know about moose behavior and how to avoid conflicts
You are in the middle of a hike to your favorite waterfall. You come around a corner and notice a large moose in the middle of the trail. What should you do? Learn a few things about moose in Utah and how to avoid conflicts with them HERE.

2021 NSAA State 900-Round – Outdoor Archery Competition
One of the seven Nebraska state archery championships will be held at the Outdoor Education Center on July 11. The competition features targets shot outdoors at three different distances, with categories for all ages and different types of bows. Read more on this HERE.

Entry level pistol competition for Nebraska Cornhusker State Games on July 10
Beginner-level pistol shooters are invited to try out their skills in this low-key competition. Available for .22 and/or centerfire pistols. Participants shoot 30 shots at large bullseye targets. Discover more HERE.

Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge PRS Match
Hornady® will be the title sponsor of the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge PRS Match, July 9-10, 2021 in Evanston, Wyoming. Find the details HERE.

California homeowner shoots black bear that broke into house
A black bear broke into the residence in Meyers, just south of South Lake Tahoe, about an hour before midnight last Thursday. The bear attacked the person, who shot it in self-defense, and the bear fled, the El Dorado Sheriff's Office said. Read more about this HERE.