Browning Evade Mossy Oak Country DNA Ground Blind

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The Browning Evade delivers all the key features that experienced ground blind hunters desire in a total concealment platform, beginning with the subdued visual signature. Inside, a blackout backing deepens the shadow cover to minimize visual movement inside the blind when drawing a bow or raising a firearm.

The blind has a double door design that provides a wide opening to easily enter and exit the blind while the QUICKCONNECT magnetic door closures eliminate noisy zippers and buckles. Furthermore, the separating door makes set up and takedown easier than conventional pop-up blinds. Continuing the ultra-stealth theme is a SILENT-TRAC window system. This allows the windows, which offer 180-degree coverage, to be raised or lowered silently in limitless positions for optimal concealment and shooting access. Further enhancing concealment is 180-degree shoot-through window screening, giving hunters the option of shooting through the mesh while maintaining maximum cover or adjusting the screen for open shooting.

Developed for a broad range of hunting styles and applications, the Browning Evade has a center height of 5' 10" and a shooting width of 74 inches. Overall weight is 19 lbs. 8 oz. Additional features include a 360-degree ground skirt, bow hanger, four gear pockets, fiberglass poles with aluminum hubs and engineered tips and pins, brush-in loops, deluxe stakes with tie-downs, and a rugged carry bag with shoulder straps.

  • Dimensions: 59"Wx59"Dx70"H
  • Center Height: 5'10"
  • Shooting Width: 74"
  • Weight: 19lbs. 8oz. 



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