Centerpoint Hellion 400 Crossbow

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Delivering performance and value that is unmatched in the industry, the new Centerpoint Hellion 400 is outfitted with all of the premium features a hunter or shooter needs. At only 8 inches axle-to-axle fully cocked and an adjustable buttstock, the Hellion’s slim profile shoots an astounding 400 feet per second, proving it to pack a punch.

  • 400 Feet per Second
  • 185 LB draw weight
  • 8 in cocked 12 in un-cocked
  • Folding stirrup for field-friendly cocking and targeting
  • 4x32 illuminated scope
  • Three 20 in .003 arrows

Velocity: Up to 400 fps
Width (axle-to-axle) Cocked: 8.00 in
Width (axle-to-axle) Uncocked: 12.00 in
Draw Weight: 185 lbs
Power Stroke: 15.50 in
Weight: 8.13 lbs
Product Length: 33 in
String Length: 35.00 in
Overall Length: 33 in