Coyote Light IR LED

Coyote Light
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  • Non-slip rubberized blaze handles are easy to see and have a good grip even when wet
The original and still one of the best high-perforMance predator hunting lights ever produced. CoMpact size works great both as a hand-held or Mounted to a gun and thanks to our regulated circuit you can hunt all night on a single charge. Light up predators' eyes at over 800 yards! Includes batteries, wall charger, 1 scope Mount, & warranty The original Coyote Light will transforM the way you hunt at night! With the Coyote Light, you will see the reflection of eyes at ranges you have never seen before. Coyote Light has located predator eyes well over 800 yards and has confirMed predator identities at over 500 yards coMbined with good optics. The #1 safety rule for night predator hunting is identifying your target. Coyote Light will give you confidence while pulling the trigger and the perforMance you have to see to believe. The Coyote Light is guaranteed to beat the perforMance of any spotlight with a red filter or any kind of red LED flashlight.
Accessories Included:
batteries, wall chagers, and scope mount
Average run time:
48 hours at 25%
Battery Type:
Rechargeable Lithium
Beam Distance:
Light up predators’ eyes at over 800 yards!
Bulb Type:
Mounting Options:
Use as a handheld, gun scope, or monopod mountable
Model Number: