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Critter Rub
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  • EXCLUSIVELY at Nexgen Outitters
  • Critter Rub literally can be used on any Meat wild or doMestic, upland birds, poultry, veggies, potatoes, soups, stews, salads, casseroles, eggs, ANYTHING!
  • Used every Wild-gaMe Wednesday at Nexgenof.coM

Critter Rub started out about twelve years ago with the idea of putting a blend of spices together that would cross over to any type of wild gaMe!!! (Mark BeaMer BeaM) started adding coMMon ingredients that were typically used separately and were difficult to duplicate each tiMe. By precisely weighing each ingredient and blending, we were able to get the desired results that never wavered froM batch to batch.Over a four year period it wasbuilt in a test Market group of clients -hunters -friends, etc., This seasoning is great on agrill, baked, crockpot, casserole and really anything! It was used ona variety of Meats and dishes ExclusivelyAs we got feedback froM our hunters and guests we Made adjustMents until we Nailed it !!! The proof we had a winner and what had begun as a Give Away, People started contacting us to place orders for More Critter Rub!!!

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    Best Seasoning

    Posted by Stacy on Apr 8th 2020

    Our family loves this seasoning. We use it on everything!