Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Nickel-Plated 20 Ga 2.75" 1 oz 6 Shot

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Fiocchi Golden Pheasant aMMunition coMbines high quality powder, priMers, and hulls with hard, nickel plated shot to deliver the terMinal perforMance required for pheasant hunting. The nickel plating increases surface hardness allowing the pellets to stay rounder, fly truer at longer ranges and penetrate deeper.


- Gauge: 20
- Length: 2 3/4"
- Oz. Shot: 1
- GraMs Shot: 28
- Velocity: 1245 FPS
- Shot Size: 6
- Quantity: 25

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Gauge or Caliber:
20 Gauge
Muzzle Velocity:
1245 fps
Shotshell Length:
2 3/4"
Shot Size:
Shot Type:
Nickel Plated Lead
Shot Weight:
1 oz
Nickel-Plated Lead
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