GhostBlind Predator Blind

Ghost Blind
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  • For hunters that like to sit coMfortably in a chair
  • Use with gun, coMpound bow, cross bow or traditional bow
  • Constructed with unbreakable, waterproof plastic

It becoMes any natural caMo pattern you want it to be. Constructed of fluted polypropylene the back side of the blind has the GhostBlind caMo pattern ,while the Mirrored panels on the front side of the blind are Made of a light weight and weather resistance polystyrene that resists breaking or cracking. The pre-angled Mirrored panels reflect the earths ground floor and natural surroundings. The Predator Blind is a 4 panel unit Made for those who want to hunt sitting coMfortably in a chair. Great for hunting with gun, coMpound bow, crossbow or a traditional bow. Blind weights 12lbs. DiMensions of blind are 102" W x 46" H. When folded it Measures approx. 46"x25.5". Includes: Blind, 2" carry straps, 4 tent stakes, 4 tie downs, 2 bungee cords and set up instructions.

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