HME Scent Slammer 2-n-1 Ozone Hybrid Device

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  • Kills bacteria, viruses and is 100% chemical free, leaving no scent or residue.
  • This practical hybrid device is perfect for cleaning an entire room up to 320 cubic feet (6' x 7' room with 8' ceiling) when directly plugged into an outlet.
  • Can adjust from 20mg/h of ozone output depending on the size of the room.
  • The unique hybrid function of this device also incorporates a 5,000mah rechargeable battery for extreme extended use on the go. 
  • Makes it convenient for duffle bags, vehicles, camping or anywhere else off the grid.
  • It omits 20mg/h of ozone output when in battery mode and will run continuously with a battery life of (8) hours.