Hornady Custom Grade 95332 Bullet Feeder Die .40 S&W

BHHORN 095332
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The Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Press Bullet Feeder Dies are specifically designed to work with the Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Press Bullet Feeder. The Lock-N-Load Bullet Feeder is designed to work with any progressive press with standard 7/8"-14 die threads and has been found to increase reloading speed up to 50%. These feeder dies are case activated, meaning a bullet will only be fed upon contact with the case. The collets are constructed of solid steel and are durable enough for years of reloading.


- Die Locking Rings


- Calibers:

- .40 Smith & Wesson
- 10mm Auto

- Number of Dies: 1
- Die Type: Bullet Feeding
- Threads: 7/8"-14
- Shellholder Included: No
- Storage Box Included: Yes


- Works with standard progressive press when using the Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Feeder
- Hornady Lock-N-Load bushing shown on the die in the picture is not included
Guage or Caliber:
.40 S&W
Model Number:
Number of Dies:
Included Dies:
Bullet Feeder Die
Reloading Tool:
Individual Dies