Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic - Kit


The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Press Kit is a great kit to get started in reloading. If you are a new reloader you will love the ease of use the Lock-N-Load Classic provides and all of the accessories that are packaged with the kit so you can start turning out accurate, consistent ammunition. If you are a seasoned reloader you will love the fact that this press kit is built to last a lifetime and is backed with Hornady's Lifetime Warranty. The Classic Press is packed full of features, including an angled frame, easy grip handle, positive priming system, primer catcher, and Lock-N-Load Bushings for quick die changing. The Classic Kit includes everything reloaders need to produce high-quality handloads.

Kit Includes:

- Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press
- Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
- Digital Scale
- Handbook of Cartridge Reloading
- 3 Lock-N-Load Bushings,
- Primer Catcher
- Positive Priming System (Small and Large Primer Cups Included)
- Handheld Priming Tool
- Universal Reloading Block
- Chamfering and Deburring Tool
- Powder Funnel and Trickler
- 5 1/2 oz Can of One Shot Aerosol Case Lube


- Press Type: Single Stage
- Frame Material: Cast Alloy
- Frame Design: O Frame
- Frame Offset: 30?
- Handle Location: Bottom Right
- Die Size Accepted: Standard 7/8"-14 Threaded Dies
- Die Bushing Accepted: Yes
- Die Bushing Brand Used: Hornady (Three Included)
- Spent Primer Collection System: Side of Ram, Open Top Container
- Ram Stroke: 3 3/4"
- Priming Feature: Positive Priming System (PPS), Priming Arm and Large and Small Primer Cups Included
- Number of Mounting Holes: 2
- Mounting Hardware Included: No

Notes: Dies, Bushings, and Shellholders Sold Separately

Accessories Included:
Cast Alloy
Model Number:
Reloading Tool: