HS Strut Hammerin' Crow Call

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  • Three pieces of wax-free chalk
  • Plastic carrying case

H.S. Strut products' realistic sound and siMplicity Make this crow call the choice of national chaMpions and weekend hunters alike. It designed to call with less air than conventional calls, so it takes less effort to use. Blowing lightly is all that necessary.

Crows have vocabularies of about 25 words. But three of those sounds are surefire ways to get spring gobblers to answer and coMe running.

AsseMbly Call-This is a two-note call, a sMooth note and a raspy note. The sMooth note is Made by saying the word fuu. The raspy note is Made by huMMing the word all in your throat. CoMbine the two for MediuM to close-range calling.

Alert Call-Say fuu in 1/2 second intervals in series of two and three. This is a long-range call used when crows are just audible. It also very effective on spring gobblers.

Caw-This is the Most coMMon call Made by huMMing the word all in a series of three fairly rapidly.

REMEMBER: Make your calls by forcing air up froM your diaphragM; and don't bite the Mouthpiece. Just place your lips on the lipslots and block out all air.

To tune your call, place reed 1/8 away froM end of Mouthpiece. For higher pitch, lower the reed. For lower pitch, raise the reed. Keep your call out of direct sunlight to avoid reed warpage and distorted sound.

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