Lee Load-Master Progressive Press Kit -40 S&W


The Lee Loadmaster progressive press reloads both rifle and handgun cartridges and features a large, 1-3/4" diameter ram with a stroke clearance big enough for even the largest magnum rifle cases.It can be used as an automatic indexing progressive press or as a single stage press, and its five stations accept most popular reloading dies.Dies are held by a detachable turret that allows them to be removed and reinserted without adjusting.

Lee Load-Master progressive 5-hole reloading kit for 40 S&W. Includes dies (Carbide Full Length Size, Powder Through Expanding and Bullet Seating Dies), Turret, #19s Shell Plate, Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure, Universal Case Feeder and Small Primer Feed. This press can also reload the 10mm Auto. To reload the 10mm Auto, purchase a Large Primer Feed and 10mm Load data.

Type: Load Master Reloading Pistol Kit
Material: Cast Iron
Thread Pattern: 7/8"x14
Holes: 5