Magpul MAG803 PMAG 10/20/30 AR/M4 GEN M3 and AR300Bmagazines Black Type 1 Tactile Lock Plate-5 Pack

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The magpul tactile lock-plate is a magazine enhancement that provides the user with the ability to rapidly and easily identify/differentiate magazines with mixed loadouts such as ball, tracer, supersonic and subsonic types via raised tactile features.These features are 1/8" raised ridges that protrude through the magazine floor-plate opening and are purposely pronounced at an optimum height to ensure functionality with gloved hands.The magpul tactile lock-plate comes in two fully distinct configurations of 1/8 raised ridges: type 1 - single ridge and type 2 - double ridge.These designs provide the user with the ability to quickly and confidently identify three separate loadouts by tactile feel when utilized in conjunction with standard floor plate/lock plate combinations.Full functionality remains with the magazine inserted in a weapon or in a magazine pouch.Fits standard pmag 10/20/30 ar/m4 gen m3 and pmag ar 300 b gen m3 floor-plates.*note- not compatible with pmag 40 ar/m4 gen m3.

Finish: Black
Model: Tactile Lock-Plate
Model Fit: AR/M4