Minnesota Trapline Bridger #1.5 Coil Spring Trap

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Has heavy round jaws with a 5 3/16" jaw spread outside to outside. Oblong adjustable pan, heavy base, high levers, 12" chain with 4-way swivel on end of 4 mm. chain. Also has longer spring pin for easy four-coiling and helps give trap more balance. Excellent for mink, muskrat, fox, coon, and opossum.

Bridger traps are some of the most dependable and toughest traps on the market. Trappers personal preference, weather conditions, local laws and rules, and actual set location may modify ones choice on the proper sized Trap for your situation.

If you still need assistance on choosing the right size trap please give us a call, and we will advise: (989)569-3482.

We carry all sizes from the Bridger No. 1 Coil spring Mink & Muskrat Trap to the No. 5 Bridger Coil spring Beaver and Wolf Trap. The No. 3 Bridger Coil Spring Trap is a favorite of coyote trappers everywhere. Bridger offset jaw traps are great for land trapping and reduce leg damage to the trapped animal.