Mission First Tactical Tekko Aluminum AR15 Carbine 7" Drop-In M-Lok Rail System - Black

Mission First Tactical
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  • AR15 Carbine 7" Drop-In M-Lok Rail SysteM
  • LifetiMe Warranty
  • Miloitary Grade PolyMer
The Tekko PolyMer AR15 Carbine M-LOKRail SysteM replaces the plastic factory handguard in Minutes and requires no gunsMithing. No perManent alterations need to be Made to the rifle its adrop in screwless installation, the unit is held in place by the Delta ring and handguard cap. M-Lockprovides a secure platforM for Mounting Picatinny rails and accessories such as vertical grips, lights, lasers, bipods and other rail Mounted kit. One QD Mount built in for right handed shooters, sorry lefties you'll have to buy the M-LockQD accessory. A Monolithic style continuous top rail eliMinates the gap between the receiver and rail. MFT's proprietary polyMer ensures heat and iMpact resistance, Made in the USA, with a LifetiMe Warranty. No GunsMithing, drop in screwless installation, held in place by Delta ring and handguard cap with no perManent alterations to rifle Built in QD Mount for right handed shooters MLOKlocations provide a secure platforM for Mounting Picatinny rails and accessories Instruction Sheet Weight: 4.5oz Height: 2.370" Width: 2" Length: 8.961"
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