MOJO Fatal Fan Turkey Fan Decoy

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MOJO®’s Scoot & Shoot Turkey Decoy taught many of us new things about hunting gobblers in the most exciting way. Fanning turkeys has been around for many years, but not much in use until MOJO® provided a decoy made for this style of hunting and showed it to the world. During certain phases of the breeding cycle, gobblers will not allow other gobblers to invade their space and will charge to run them off. Along the way, it became obvious that it’s all about “the fan”! They often don’t seem to notice much else. When a gobbler fans his tail, then lays it back, that is a sign of aggression and will really provoke a charge at certain times.

MOJO® has developed the perfect and most user-friendly decoy to accomplish this, The MOJO® Fatal Fan. A realistic artificial fan with photo head, mounted to a stake on a hinge with convenient thumb tab that allows the fan to be laid back in the aggressive posture. Both fan and stake fold to fit in the vest or coat. Includes specially designed fan hub that allows substitution of your real turkey fan for added realism. The most convenient way to enjoy the wildly popular Scoot & Shoot style of hunting.

Also serves as standard decoy.

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