Pittman Preston's Deception Turkey Mouth Call

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  • Ultra concentrated with Clean Rinse and Stain Guard to help prevent re-depositing of dirt.
  • Cleans in all teMperatures with CaMo Guard for color and pattern retention.
  • No UV brightness.
  • Uses 1/2 oz for front loading or 1 oz for top loading Machines.
  • HE coMpatible.
PittMan is the naMe and Deception is the gaMe. This New Breed call is designed with the precision-cut technology offered by PittMan GaMe Calls. The turkey track, located in the Middle of the call, allows this reed to Move like no other call. Just like the gaMe of Deception, this call is not for a beginner. The call is designed for the hunter that knows the basics in calling. It is good for the traditional blower, and a huffer. This three-reed caller is good for close- and long-distance calling. It does not Matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned turkey caller, to get that weary bird requires Deception.
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