Ravin R18 Crossbow

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Ravin R18 is the next step in the evolution of crossbows. Utilizing the new proprietary Verticoil Cam System, the R18 is the shortest bow Ravin has ever created at just 18inches in length. The VertiCoil Cam System rotates the ultra-small cams 720degrees, coiling the strings and cables around the cam and and cam axle allowing an axle to axle height of just 1.3inches cocked or 4.1 inches when uncocked, with a static overall width of 4.75". This is a takedown style crossbow with limbs that expand vertically, shooting 330fps. This bow ships with a detachable stock making the total length roughly 25inches when full intact. This bow is equipped with a Ravin 3-Dot reflex sight and comes in at just 6lbs!
  • Verticoil Cam System with 720degrees of rotation, 18" length, 1.3inches axle to axle and detachable stock
  • Fully assembled Ravin Crossbow
  • Ravin 3-Dot Reflex Sight
  • 3-pack of 16" .003 R18 Arrows and field points (350Grain Total)
  • R18 Draw Handle
  • Detachable Stock with Integrated Quiver System