Ravin R29X Sniper XK7 Camo Crossbow Package

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Featuring a minimal 12 pounds of cocking force the Versa-Draw Cocking System is ambidextrous. The Fully Integrated Silent Cocking System works in conjunction with the Trac Trigger Firing System. This technology allows the arrow and string to free float above the rail increasing string and cable life and increases accuracy. The cams to rotate 340 degrees, while both cams remain perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. The Power stroke is 12.5" @ 450 fps and 10.5" axle - axle.


  • Silent Cocking System
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety;Built-in Sling Mounts
  • 3X Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Points (400 Grain Total)
  • 1X Removable Draw Handle
  • 1X Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • Adjustable Turret Scope;Ravin Scope Level